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  Damien Cassou c7507bfb10 Merge pull request 'Release 0.4.0' (#6) from 0.4.0 into master 2 months ago
  Damien Cassou 7580937171
Release 0.4.0 2 months ago
  Duarte Dias d8560e4fe9
Add music player keybindings 2 months ago
  Miguel SM dbcf3d9411 Amend wording in doc strings 11 months ago
  timor cd51452889 Make EXWM global key overrides customizable 11 months ago
  Damien Cassou 144f42dbfb Add .travis.yml file 11 months ago
  Damien Cassou 5b34ae4666 Update makel to 0.6.0 11 months ago
  Damien Cassou 9798ef19d4 Merge branch 'typos' of DamienCassou/desktop-environment into master 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 2cb1b25e74
Fix typos 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 57de5e018b
Release 0.3.0 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou d2706dd2d8
Add 'light' as a replacement for brightnessctl 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 24a3c4eaa7
Improve README regarding configuration 1 year ago
  Pierre Neidhardt a3707e9fcf Don't spawn shell buffer when locking 1 year ago
  Jáchym Tomášek a87e697a03 Add bluetooth and wifi controls, using tlp 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 284c38fcb5
Release 0.2.2 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 44c9b765b2
Fix locking buffer when there is already an async process buffer 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 786ab3be2f
Release 0.2.1 1 year ago
  Pierre Neidhardt 458c421f3e Run screenlock command asynchronously. 1 year ago
  pbeliveau 564a0f4e8a
Change keyboard backlight. Uses the Emacs API for D-Bus. 1 year ago
  pbeliveau a97e8b4b2c Section in README for external packages needed. 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou a9eba14f2b
* .gitignore: add makel.mk 1 year ago
  Pierre Neidhardt 1f00d58af9
Set EXWM bindings conditionally 1 year ago
  Pierre Neidhardt 68c01e4dbe
Inline desktop-environment--keybindings defconst 1 year ago
  Pierre Neidhardt 82954a3714
Bind EXWM bindings from the mode map instead of the defconst 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou fea0d07361
* Makefile: Use makel 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou b09eb3b692
* .gitlab-ci.yml: Remove official support for Emacs 25.1 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 6ec3e11773
Add Nicolas Petton to the list of authors 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 62fbceded5
Remove superfluous :group (thanks Steve Purcell for telling me) 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou bdf1856b5f
Replace #'mapc with #dolist (thanks Steve Purcell for telling me) 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 4b4e251c44
Fix docstring (thanks Steve Purcell for telling me) 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou bed4bf6618
Fix badges in README 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 10df99c6c6 Merge branch 'release/v0.2.0' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou f984701539
Release 0.2.0 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou ee2074cd31
Initial version 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou b8bc89edaf
Empty commit 2 years ago