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Merge branch 'async-process' into 'master'

Use async processes to fetch boobank data

See merge request nico/elbank!10
Nicolas Petton 3 years ago
3 changed files with 72 additions and 33 deletions
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elbank-boobank.el View File

@ -41,28 +41,25 @@
"Boobank executable."
:type '(file))
(defun elbank-boobank-update ()
"Update data from boobank."
(let* ((current elbank-data)
(new (elbank-boobank--scrap-data))
(merged (elbank--merge-data current new)))
(elbank-write-data merged)
(setq elbank-data merged)))
(defun elbank-boobank--scrap-data ()
"Return all data scraped from boobank."
(let* ((accounts (elbank--fetch-boobank-accounts))
(transactions (apply #'seq-concatenate 'list
(seq-map #'elbank-boobank--scrap-transactions
`((accounts . ,accounts)
(transactions . ,transactions))))
(defun elbank-boobank--scrap-transactions (account)
"Return a list of transactions for ACCOUNT scraped from boobank."
(seq-map (lambda (data)
(elbank-boobank--make-transaction data account))
(elbank--fetch-boobank-transactions account)))
(defun elbank-boobank-update (&optional callback)
"Update data from boobank.
When CALLBACK is non-nil, evaluate it when data is updated."
(lambda (new-data)
(let ((merged-data (elbank--merge-data elbank-data new-data)))
(elbank-write-data merged-data)
(setq elbank-data merged-data)
(when callback (funcall callback))))))
(defun elbank-boobank--scrap-data (callback)
"Evaluate CALLBACK with all data scraped from boobank."
(lambda (accounts)
(lambda (transactions)
(funcall callback `((accounts . ,accounts)
(transactions . ,transactions))))))))
(defun elbank-boobank--make-transaction (data account)
"Return a transaction alist from DATA with its account value set to ACCOUNT.
@ -77,16 +74,20 @@ that account instead of the new ACCOUNT."
(map-put data 'category nil)
(cons (cons 'account account-to-use) data)))
(defun elbank--fetch-boobank-accounts ()
"Return all accounts in boobank."
(defun elbank--fetch-boobank-accounts (callback)
"Execute CALLBACK with all fetched accounts from boobank."
(let ((command (format "%s -f json ls 2>/dev/null" (elbank--find-boobank-executable))))
(message "Elbank: fetching accounts...")
(json-read-from-string (shell-command-to-string command))))
(elbank-boobank--shell-command command callback)))
(defun elbank--fetch-boobank-transactions (account)
"Fetch and return all transactions from ACCOUNT."
(let* ((since "1970") ; the current strategy is to always fetch all data. If
; needed, this can be optimized later on.
(defun elbank--fetch-boobank-transactions (accounts callback &optional acc)
"Fetch all transactions from all ACCOUNTS and evaluate CALLBACK.
CALLBACK is called with all fetched transactions.
ACC is used in recursive calls to accumulate fetched transactions."
(let* ((since "1970") ; the current strategy is to always fetch all data. If
; needed, this can be optimized later on.
(account (car accounts))
(id (map-elt account 'id))
;; Some backends do not support listing transactions, ignore errors
(command (format "%s -f json history %s %s 2> /dev/null"
@ -94,7 +95,35 @@ that account instead of the new ACCOUNT."
(message "Elbank: fetching transactions for account %s..." id)
(json-read-from-string (shell-command-to-string command))))
(lambda (data)
(let* ((transactions (seq-map (lambda (datum)
(elbank-boobank--make-transaction datum account))
(all (seq-concatenate 'list acc transactions)))
(if (cdr accounts)
(elbank--fetch-boobank-transactions (cdr accounts) callback all)
(funcall callback all)))))))
(defun elbank-boobank--shell-command (command callback)
"Start a subprocess for COMMAND, and evaluate CALLBACK with its output."
(let ((bufname "*boobank process*"))
(when-let ((buf (get-buffer bufname)))
(with-current-buffer buf
(make-process :name "boobank"
:buffer bufname
:sentinel (lambda (process event)
(if (eq (process-status process) 'exit)
(let ((json-array-type 'list))
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer process)
(goto-char (point-min))
(funcall callback (json-read))))
(error "Boobank fetch failed! %s" event)))
:command (list shell-file-name
(defun elbank--merge-data (old new)
"Merge the dataset from OLD and NEW.

+ 8
- 0
elbank-common.el View File

@ -134,6 +134,14 @@ the value at symbol `raw' if not. If both are nil, return DEFAULT."
(or (map-elt transaction 'label nil)
(map-elt transaction 'raw default)))
(cl-defmethod elbank-transaction-elt (transaction (key (eql account)) &optional default)
"Return the account of TRANSACTION.
If TRANSACTION is a split transaction, return the account of its parent transaction."
(if (elbank-sub-transaction-p transaction)
(elbank-transaction-elt (elbank-transaction-elt transaction 'split-from) 'account)
(cl-call-next-method transaction key default)))
(cl-defmethod elbank-transaction-elt (transaction (_key (eql category)) &optional default)
"Return the category of TRANSACTION.

+ 5
- 3
elbank-overview.el View File

@ -142,9 +142,11 @@ If nothing important is at point, return nil."
"Read new data from boobank and update the buffer."
(message "Elbank: updating...")
(message "Elbank: done!")
(lambda ()
(message "Elbank: done!")
(with-current-buffer elbank-overview-buffer-name
(defun elbank-overview--insert-hr ()
"Insert a horizontal rule."