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Per application single-buffer mode

jao 1 year ago
committed by Damien Cassou
Signed by: DamienCassou GPG Key ID: B68746238E59B548
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;;; navigel-ex-fs.el --- Example of navigel to navigate the filesystem -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2019 Damien Cassou
;; Copyright (C) 2019, 2020 Damien Cassou
;; Author: Damien Cassou <>
@ -161,5 +161,13 @@
;; The `funcall' is here to tell navigel that deletion is
;; finished. You can now mark files with `m' and delete them with `D'.
;; By default, all entities of the new application will be displayed
;; in their own buffers, named using the generic function
;; `navigel-name'. Users of your application can ask navigel to reuse
;; the same buffer for all entities in the app by customizing the
;; variable `navigel-single-buffer-apps'. The name of this single
;; buffer when it is displaying a given entity is constructed using
;; the generic function `navigel-single-buffer-name'.
(provide 'navigel-ex-fs)
;;; navigel-ex-fs.el ends here

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;;; navigel.el --- Facilitate the creation of tabulated-list based UIs -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2019 Damien Cassou
;; Copyright (C) 2019, 2020 Damien Cassou
;; Author: Damien Cassou <>
;; Url:
@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
(require 'tablist)
(require 'seq)
(require 'map)
(require 'bookmark)
@ -60,6 +61,15 @@
"Whether to display navigel's informative messages in the echo area."
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom navigel-single-buffer-apps nil
"Applications using a single buffer to display all entities.
Either a list of symbols denoting applications, t for all
applications or nil, the default, for none."
:type '(choice (const :tag "None" nil)
(const :tag "All applications" t)
(repeat (symbol :tag "Application"))))
;; Private variables
@ -69,6 +79,19 @@
(defvar navigel-app nil
"Specify the application that was used to generate the buffer.")
(defvar navigel-single-buffers nil
"An alist of (APP . BUFFER) associating app symbols with their buffer name.
This name is used only for applications that are working in single-buffer mode.")
(defvar-local navigel--state-cache nil
"Cache of entity states for single-buffer applications.
This cache is an alist of (APP . STATE) pairs, where in turn
STATE is an alist of (ENTITY-ID . ENTITY-STATE) pairs,
associating to each entity that has been displayed by APP in this
buffer its last state (as returned by `navigel--save-state').")
;; Private functions
@ -136,10 +159,25 @@ The returned value is the default for `navigel-buffer-name',
overridden separately if necessary."
(format "%s" entity))
(cl-defgeneric navigel-entity-id (entity)
"Return a possibly unique identifier for the given ENTITY.
Under some circumstances, Navigel will cache information about
displayed entities, using its id as key. By default, this
function calls `navigel-name', which should be good enough in the
majority of cases."
(navigel-name entity))
(cl-defgeneric navigel-buffer-name (entity)
"Return a string representing ENTITY in the buffer's name."
(navigel-name entity))
(cl-defgeneric navigel-single-buffer-name (app entity)
"Return a string representing ENTITY in the buffer's name, for single-buffer APP."
(let ((app (or app navigel-app 'navigel))
(suffix (if entity (format " - %s" (navigel-buffer-name entity)) "")))
(format "*%s%s*" app suffix)))
(cl-defgeneric navigel-tablist-name (entity)
"Return a string representing ENTITY in tablist columns."
(navigel-name entity))
@ -282,6 +320,22 @@ This function is to be used as value for
;;; Public functions
(defun navigel-single-buffer-app-p (app)
"Check whether APP is registered as a single-buffer application.
See also `navigel-single-buffer-apps'."
(or (eq t navigel-single-buffer-apps)
(memq app navigel-single-buffer-apps)))
(defun navigel-register-single-buffer-app (app)
"Register APP as a single buffer application."
(or (navigel-single-buffer-app-p app)
(add-to-list 'navigel-single-buffer-apps app)))
(defun navigel-app-buffer (app)
"If APP is a single-buffer application, return its buffer."
(navigel--app-buffer app t))
(defun navigel-async-mapcar (mapfn list callback)
"Apply MAPFN to each element of LIST and pass result to CALLBACK.
@ -347,20 +401,21 @@ refreshed."
(lambda (children)
(let ((new-format (navigel-tablist-format-children entity children)))
(when new-format
(setq-local tabulated-list-format new-format)
;; restore navigel-app
(let ((navigel-app app) state)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create (navigel-entity-buffer entity))
(with-current-buffer (navigel--entity-buffer app entity)
(let ((fmt (navigel-tablist-format-children entity children)))
(when fmt
(setq-local tabulated-list-format fmt)
(setq state (navigel--save-state))
(setq-local tabulated-list-entries
(lambda (child) (list child (navigel-entity-to-columns child)))
(mapcar (lambda (child)
(list child (navigel-entity-to-columns child)))
(navigel--restore-state state)
(when (not (navigel-single-buffer-app-p app))
(navigel--restore-state state))
(when target
(navigel-go-to-entity target))
(run-hooks 'navigel-changed-hook)
@ -389,17 +444,25 @@ Interactively, ENTITY is either the element at point or the user
is asked for a top level ENTITY."
;; save navigel-app because (navigel-tablist-mode) will reset it
(let ((app navigel-app)
(buffer (get-buffer-create (navigel-entity-buffer entity))))
(prev-entity navigel-entity)
(single (navigel-single-buffer-app-p navigel-app))
(buffer (navigel--entity-buffer navigel-app entity))
(with-current-buffer buffer
;; set navigel-app first because it is used on the line below to
;; select the appropriate mode:
(setq-local navigel-app app)
(when single
(when prev-entity (navigel--cache-state prev-entity))
(setq cache navigel--state-cache))
(navigel-entity-tablist-mode entity)
;; restore navigel-app because is got erased by activating the major mode:
(setq-local navigel-app app)
(setq-local tabulated-list-padding 2) ; for `tablist'
(setq-local navigel-entity entity)
(when single
(setq-local navigel--state-cache cache)
(rename-buffer (navigel-single-buffer-name app entity) t))
(setq-local tablist-operations-function #'navigel--tablist-operation-function)
(setq-local revert-buffer-function #'navigel--revert-buffer)
(setq-local imenu-prev-index-position-function
@ -410,9 +473,12 @@ is asked for a top level ENTITY."
(setq-local bookmark-make-record-function #'navigel-make-bookmark)
(lambda ()
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when (and single entity)
(navigel--restore-state (navigel--cached-state entity)))
(when target (navigel-go-to-entity target))
(run-hooks 'navigel-init-done-hook)))))
(switch-to-buffer buffer)))
@ -441,6 +507,55 @@ The state contains the entity at point, the column of point, and the marked enti
(when (navigel-go-to-entity entity)
(defun navigel--forget-single-buffer ()
"Remove the entry for the current buffer in `navigel-single-buffers."
(map-delete navigel-single-buffers navigel-app))
(defun navigel--single-app-buffer-create (app)
"Create and return a buffer for the given APP, setting it up for single mode."
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create (navigel-single-buffer-name app nil))))
(setf (alist-get app navigel-single-buffers) buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook #'navigel--forget-single-buffer nil t)
(setq-local navigel-app app))
(defun navigel--app-buffer (app &optional no-create)
"If APP is a single-buffer application, find or create its buffer.
If NO-CREATE is not nil, do not create a fresh buffer if one does
not already exist."
(when (navigel-single-buffer-app-p app)
(let ((buffer (alist-get app navigel-single-buffers)))
(when (and (not (buffer-live-p buffer)) (not no-create))
(setq buffer (navigel--single-app-buffer-create app)))
(defun navigel--entity-buffer (app entity)
"Return the buffer that APP should use for the given ENTITY."
(or (navigel--app-buffer app)
(get-buffer-create (navigel-entity-buffer entity))))
(defun navigel--cache-state (entity)
"Save in the local cache the state of ENTITY, as displayed in the current buffer."
(let ((id (when entity (navigel-entity-id entity))))
(when id
(when (not navigel--state-cache)
(setq-local navigel--state-cache ()))
(setf (alist-get id navigel--state-cache nil nil #'equal)
(defun navigel--cached-state (&optional entity app)
"Return the cached state of the given ENTITY, in application APP.
ENTITY and APP default to the local values of `navigel-entity' and `navigel-app'."
(let ((entity (or entity navigel-entity)))
(when entity
(let ((app-buffer (navigel--app-buffer (or app navigel-app))))
(when app-buffer
(cdr (assoc (navigel-entity-id entity)
(buffer-local-value 'navigel--state-cache app-buffer))))))))
(defun navigel--revert-buffer (&rest _args)
"Compute `navigel-entity' children and list those in the current buffer."