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* navigel
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** Summary
The navigel package is a library that makes it simpler for Emacs Lisp
developers to define user-interfaces based on tablists (also known as
tabulated-lists). Overriding a few (CL) methods and calling
`navigel-open' is all that's required to get a nice UI to navigate
your domain objects (files, music library, database, etc.).
Navigel displays "entities" in a tablist. An "entity" is whatever you
want that has a name. If an entity defines some "children", then
pressing ~RET~ on the entity will list its children in another
Some features of navigel include:
- pressing ~RET~ on an entity lists the entity's children in another
- pressing ~^~ opens the parent of the current entity;
- pressing ~m~ marks the entity at point;
- pressing ~d~ deletes the marked entities.
This package depends on [[][tablist]] to get support for marking and more.
** Usage
This code is a library and is meant for Emacs Lisp developers. The
source code is well documented and organized in sections. Please have
a look at it.
Please have a look at the [[file:examples/navigel-examples-fs.el][examples/navigel-examples-fs.el]] file for an
example on how to use the library. This file guides the reader through
an implementation of a tablist-based directory navigator with support
for marking and deleting:
** License
See [[file:COPYING][COPYING]]. Copyright (c) 2019 Damien Cassou.
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