Emacs library to control Basecamp
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The package libbcel is an Emacs library to interact with Basecamp, a project management web application.


To make libbcel work, you first have to give it access to your Basecamp account. This is done through OAUTH2. If you already have a client id and secret, skip the next section. Otherwise, keep reading.

Obtaining a client id and secret

Login to https://basecamp.com/ and register an application at https://launchpad.37signals.com/integrations. You can use whatever values you want but you should at least:

  • check "Basecamp 3" in the "Products" section;
  • set the redirect URI as "http://localhost:9321". You can use a
  • different port if you want to.

You'll be assigned a client id and client secret. Save that somewhere so you can skip this step next time.


You have a client id, client secret and port number for the redirect URI (default is 9321).


See COPYING. Copyright (c) 2019 Damien Cassou.

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