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Use navigel to simplify the code

Damien Cassou 5 months ago
Signed by: Damien Cassou <> GPG Key ID: B68746238E59B548
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
ELPA_DEPENDENCIES=json-mode json-reformat json-snatcher package-lint libelcouch
ELPA_DEPENDENCIES=json-mode json-reformat json-snatcher package-lint libelcouch navigel


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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@

;; Author: Damien Cassou <>
;; Url:
;; Package-requires: ((emacs "25.1") (json-mode "1.0.0") (libelcouch "0.9.0"))
;; Package-requires: ((emacs "25.1") (json-mode "1.0.0") (libelcouch "0.9.0") (navigel "0.3.0"))
;; Version: 0.3.0
;; Keywords: data, tools

@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@

(require 'tabulated-list)
(require 'json-mode)
(require 'navigel)

(require 'libelcouch)

@@ -40,84 +41,33 @@
:group 'externa)

;;; Variables

(defvar-local elcouch-entity nil
"Remember the CouchDB entity of current buffer.")

;;; Helper code

(cl-defgeneric elcouch--entity-buffer-name (entity)
"Return a buffer name approapriate for listing the content of ENTITY.")

(cl-defmethod elcouch--entity-buffer-name ((instance libelcouch-instance))
(format "*elcouch-dbs: %s" (libelcouch-entity-full-name instance)))

(cl-defmethod elcouch--entity-buffer-name ((database libelcouch-database))
(format "*elcouch-docs: %s" (libelcouch-entity-full-name database)))

(cl-defmethod elcouch--entity-buffer-name ((document libelcouch-document))
(format "*elcouch-doc: %s" (libelcouch-entity-full-name document)))

(cl-defgeneric elcouch--default-tabulated-list-format (_entity)
"Return `tabulated-list-format' value to list children of _ENTITY."
(vector (list "Name" 0 t)))

(cl-defgeneric elcouch--entity-to-list-entry ((entity libelcouch-named-entity))
"Convert ENTITY to a format suitable for the tabulated list."
(list entity
(vector (libelcouch-entity-name entity))))

;;; Entity listing code

(defvar elcouch-list-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map (kbd "RET") #'elcouch-open)
"Keybindings for `elcouch-list-mode'.")

(define-derived-mode elcouch-list-mode tabulated-list-mode "elcouch"
"Major mode for all elcouch listing modes.")

(defun elcouch-open (entity)
"Open a new buffer showing CouchDB ENTITY.

Interactively, ENTITY is either the element at point or the user
is asked for an INSTANCE among `elcouch-couchdb-instances'."
(interactive (list (let ((entity (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(if (and entity (libelcouch-named-entity-p entity))
(if (libelcouch-document-p entity)
(elcouch-view-document entity)
(elcouch-list entity)))
(defun elcouch-open (instance)
"Open a new buffer listing CouchDB databases of INSTANCE.
Interactively, the user is asked to select a CouchDB instance from
(interactive (list (libelcouch-choose-instance)))
(elcouch-open-entity instance))

(defun elcouch-open-url (url)
"Open entity pointed to by URL, a string."
(interactive (list (read-from-minibuffer "URL: ")))
(elcouch-open (libelcouch-entity-from-url url)))

(defun elcouch-list (entity)
"Open a buffer showing children of ENTITY."
(lambda (children)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create (elcouch--entity-buffer-name entity))
(setq tabulated-list-format (elcouch--default-tabulated-list-format entity))
(setq-local elcouch-entity entity)
(setq tabulated-list-entries (mapcar #'elcouch--entity-to-list-entry children))
(switch-to-buffer (current-buffer))))))
(elcouch-open-entity (libelcouch-entity-from-url url)))

(defun elcouch-open-entity (entity)
"Open a buffer showing ENTITY."
(let ((navigel-app 'elcouch))
(navigel-open entity nil)))

;;; Document view mode

(defvar-local elcouch--document nil
"Remember the CouchDB document of current buffer.")

(defvar elcouch-document-view-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map (kbd "C-c C-c") #'elcouch-document-save)
@@ -147,9 +97,9 @@ mark are changed to those ones."
(lambda (json-document)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create (elcouch--entity-buffer-name document))
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create (format "*elcouch-doc-%s" (libelcouch-entity-full-name document)))
(setq-local elcouch-entity document)
(setq-local elcouch--document document)
(elcouch--document-prepare-buffer json-document)
(switch-to-buffer (current-buffer))
(when saved-point
@@ -166,12 +116,12 @@ Use current buffer if BUFFER is nil."
(with-current-buffer (or buffer (current-buffer))
(let ((saved-point (point))
(saved-mark (save-mark-and-excursion--save)))
(elcouch-view-document elcouch-entity saved-point saved-mark))))
(elcouch-view-document elcouch--document saved-point saved-mark))))

(defun elcouch-document-save ()
"Save buffer's document to CouchDB."
(libelcouch-document-save elcouch-entity nil #'elcouch-document-refresh))
(libelcouch-document-save elcouch--document nil #'elcouch-document-refresh))

(defun elcouch-document-read-only-mode ()
"Toggle read-only mode in current buffer."
@@ -185,7 +135,7 @@ Use current buffer if BUFFER is nil."

(defun elcouch-document-delete (document)
"Delete the CouchDB DOCUMENT."
(interactive (list elcouch-entity))
(interactive (list elcouch--document))
(when (yes-or-no-p (format "Really delete %s? " (libelcouch-entity-full-name document)))
(let* ((json-object (save-excursion
(goto-char (point-min))
@@ -194,7 +144,31 @@ Use current buffer if BUFFER is nil."
(lambda () (elcouch-list (libelcouch-entity-parent document)))))))
(lambda () (elcouch-open-entity (libelcouch-entity-parent document)))))))

;; navigel configuration

(cl-defmethod navigel-name (entity &context (navigel-app elcouch))
(libelcouch-entity-name entity))

(cl-defmethod navigel-buffer-name (entity &context (navigel-app elcouch))
(libelcouch-entity-full-name entity))

(cl-defmethod navigel-children (entity callback &context (navigel-app elcouch))
(libelcouch-entity-list entity callback))

(cl-defmethod navigel-parent (entity &context (navigel-app elcouch))
(libelcouch-entity-parent entity))

(cl-defmethod navigel-parent ((_entity libelcouch-instance) &context (navigel-app elcouch))

(cl-defmethod navigel-open ((document libelcouch-document) _target)
(elcouch-view-document document))

(cl-defmethod navigel-delete ((document libelcouch-document) &context (navigel-app elcouch) &optional function)
(libelcouch-document-delete-latest document function))

(provide 'elcouch)
;;; elcouch.el ends here