Emacs library to communicate with CouchDB databases.
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SRCS = libelcouch.el
TESTS = test/libelcouch-test.el
LOAD_PATH = -L . -L ../package-lint -L ../request
EMACSBIN ?= emacs
BATCH = $(EMACSBIN) -Q --batch $(LOAD_PATH) \
--eval "(setq load-prefer-newer t)" \
--eval "(require 'package)" \
--eval "(add-to-list 'package-archives '(\"melpa-stable\" . \"http://stable.melpa.org/packages/\"))" \
--eval "(setq enable-dir-local-variables nil)" \
--funcall package-initialize
.PHONY: all ci-dependencies check test lint
all: check
# Install dependencies in ~/.emacs.d/elpa
$(BATCH) \
--funcall package-refresh-contents \
--eval "(package-install 'package-lint)" \
--eval "(package-install 'request)"
check: lint test
$(BATCH) --eval "(progn\
(load-file \"test/libelcouch-test.el\")\
lint :
# Byte compile all and stop on any warning or error
$(BATCH) \
--eval "(setq byte-compile-error-on-warn t)" \
-f batch-byte-compile ${SRCS} ${TESTS}
# Run package-lint to check for packaging mistakes
$(BATCH) \
--eval "(require 'package-lint)" \
-f package-lint-batch-and-exit ${SRCS}
# Run checkdoc to check Emacs Lisp conventions
$(BATCH) --eval "(mapcar #'checkdoc-file '($(patsubst %, \"%\", ${SRCS})))"