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  jao e7ae748a4d Little keybindings clean-up 4 months ago
  Damien Cassou d689f4884d
Small fixes 4 months ago
  jao b34de1b0e8 MPDel Browser 6 months ago
  Damien Cassou 3f28ad70c9
Add command to open a navigator on stored playlists 6 months ago
  Leon Rische 45a0655710 Expose libmpdel search with filters as a function 7 months ago
  Damien Cassou 4b27915f9e
Refactor everything around navigel 9 months ago
  Damien Cassou 1eb87264b6
Fix casing in README.org 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 9b6a4c2401
Add a different face for each column in playlist view (fix #9) 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 3b6a1a4913
Rename mpdel-playlist--current-song-face so it is public 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 0dc196401b
Add documentation regarding customization of MPDel 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou b9ada1670d
Bind `p` to restart playing current song when no entity is at point 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 834544d9c3
Bind "p" to "start playing selected items" immediately (fix #2) 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 9fd6714c5e
Make it possible to save the current playlist to a new stored one 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 7df3d5d20f
Fix badges in README 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 3e010e8916
Document the ^ keybinding 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 083b862cc5
Refactor and share the notion of opening 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 78bcaadd54
Add information about new searching bindings in README 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 25ad747e70
Reference melpa builds in README 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 9b7d80dc10
Add melpa badges 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 92005385d7
Add gitlab ci badge and move liberapay to the top 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 1f5005baef
Improve README 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 349bb11cc8
Initial version of a database navigator 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou ec9eb5088b
Adapt README to new keybindings and architecture 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 33d539d616
Move libmpdel and ivy-mpdel to their own repositories 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 2e7e8f8ad6 Rename mpdel-mode.el to mpdel.el for packaging purposes 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 1707f11407 Initial README 2 years ago