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Add libmpdel-get-state to run handler after state is get

Vonfry 1 year ago
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@ -638,6 +638,18 @@ bound containing the value to set."
((string= new-value "1") 'forever)
(t 'never))))
(defun libmpdel-get-state (state handler)
"Run HANDLER synchronously after STATE is get.
States are get async asynchronously at the meantime connecting to mpd. However,
if an action with state is called with establishing connection, it will be
failed due to the state is nil."
(let* ((fstate (intern (format "libmpdel-%s" state)))
(call-handler (lambda () (funcall handler (funcall fstate)))))
(if (and (funcall fstate) (libmpdel-connected-p))
(funcall call-handler)
(libmpdel-refresh-status call-handler))))
(defun libmpdel-time-to-string (time)
"Return a string representing TIME, a number in a string."
(if (not time)
@ -1150,11 +1162,13 @@ ENTITY can also be a list of entities to add.")
"Toggle between play and pause.
See also `libmpdel-playback-stop'."
(cl-case libmpdel--play-state
(play "pause 1")
(pause "pause 0")
(stop "play"))))
(libmpdel-get-state 'play-state
(lambda (play-state)
(cl-case play-state
(play "pause 1")
(pause "pause 0")
(stop "play"))))))
(defun libmpdel-playback-seek (time &optional handler)
@ -1221,9 +1235,14 @@ the current playlist."
;;; Status queries
(defun libmpdel-refresh-status ()
"Ask the server for its current status."
(libmpdel-send-command "status" #'libmpdel--msghandler-status))
(defun libmpdel-refresh-status (&optional handler)
"Ask the server for its current status.
If HANDLER is not nil, it will be called after refreshing."
(libmpdel-send-command "status"
(lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'libmpdel--msghandler-status args)
(when handler (funcall handler)))))
;;; Database queries