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  Damien Cassou 6682446c62 Merge pull request '[#31] Implement navigel-delete for stored-playlists' (#32) from tangrammer/mpdel:master into master 1 year ago
  Juan A. Ruz 354c458eb4 [#31] Implement navigel-delete for stored-playlists 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 6aec060a80 Merge pull request 'Directory bookmarks for MPDel browser' (#30) from jao/mpdel:directory-bookmarks into master 1 year ago
  jao fc9fb82e72 Simplify parent indentification in browser windows 2 years ago
  jao 68f7a3dae5 Accepting paths as bookmarks in browser window 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou e937fbe0b9
gitlab ⇒ gitea 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 29e7c46f83 Merge branch 'master' of l3kn/mpdel into master 1 year ago
  Leon Rische 92e31c0aa7 Add hotkey for switching connection profiles 1 year ago
  l3kn 1edec10eb3 Merge branch 'master' of l3kn/mpdel into master 1 year ago
  Leon Rische f4e82107ed Add functions / hotkeys to control playback volume 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 3c866945ae Merge branch 'keybindings' of jao/mpdel into master 2 years ago
  jao e7ae748a4d Little keybindings clean-up 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou d689f4884d
Small fixes 2 years ago
  jao b34de1b0e8 MPDel Browser 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 706268d988 Merge branch 'jao-improvements' of mpdel/mpdel into master 2 years ago
  jao 2b7b378b19
libmpdel 1.2.0 / navigel 0.7.0 2 years ago
  jao 3e70bf5c44
Ignoring all elc files 2 years ago
  jao d7b796eb15
* mpdel-core.el (mpdel-core-open-directories): Add 2 years ago
  jao 7cfa851f47
mpdel-core-open-albums 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 4f6ae5eb00 Merge branch 'update-build' of mpdel/mpdel into master 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 44ef1d27ad
Remove gitlab-ci.yml 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou df51bb8b80
Add .drone.yml 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 91ddbbe1f4
Update makel to 0.5.3 2 years ago
  jao 0dc620ebc6 Merge branch 'list-stored-playlists' of mpdel/mpdel into master 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 3f28ad70c9
Add command to open a navigator on stored playlists 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou bd84203091 Merge branch 'master' of l3kn/mpdel into master 2 years ago
  Leon Rische 45a0655710 Expose libmpdel search with filters as a function 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou e09904bf31 Merge branch 'fix-p-in-current-playlist' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou ea0265a6c5
playlist: "p" in the current playlist should just play the song 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou bd62efc7da Merge branch 'navigel-method' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 197a3b91b3
Fix major-mode to list albums 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 69e2f36b86
Use navigel-defmethod to simplify code 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou a16ff55e93 Merge branch 'update-navigel' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 4a81f9a39a
Update navigel dependency 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 4b27915f9e
Refactor everything around navigel 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 1eb87264b6
Fix casing in README.org 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 9b6a4c2401
Add a different face for each column in playlist view (fix #9) 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 3b6a1a4913
Rename mpdel-playlist--current-song-face so it is public 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 0dc196401b
Add documentation regarding customization of MPDel 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou a2da2f2fe2
Release 1.0.0 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou ad63914b95
Add mpdel-nav-open-albums to display all albums (fix #5) 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou b5612a171f
Add a wait message before the navigator entries are displayed 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou 385761c315
Release v0.7.0 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou ad7f11e1f0
Bump copyright years 3 years ago
  Moritz Heidkamp c78d114ffe Improve UI feedback on playlist modification 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou bab5db314c
Update makel 3 years ago
  Moritz Heidkamp 9745d7a05d Highlight current line in nav and playlist buffers 3 years ago
  Moritz Heidkamp c84da6bacf Deactivate mark after deleting playlist items 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou b9ada1670d
Bind `p` to restart playing current song when no entity is at point 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou ef8f0f3af8
Make "p" restart playing song in song buffer 3 years ago