Emacs user interface for Music Player Daemon (https://www.musicpd.org/), a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music.
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ELPA_DEPENDENCIES=package-lint let-alist libmpdel navigel tablist
ELPA_ARCHIVES=melpa-stable gnu
LINT_CHECKDOC_FILES=$(wildcard *.el)
LINT_PACKAGE_LINT_FILES=$(wildcard *.el)
LINT_COMPILE_FILES=$(wildcard *.el)
# Download makel
@if [ -f ../makel/makel.mk ]; then \
ln -s ../makel/makel.mk .; \
else \
curl \
--fail --silent --show-error --insecure --location \
--retry 9 --retry-delay 9 \
-O https://gitea.petton.fr/DamienCassou/makel/raw/v0.5.3/makel.mk; \
# Include emake.mk if present
-include makel.mk