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* sphinx-doc/installation.rst: Document the JavaScript modes and ES runtimes
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@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ Troublehooting
@end menu
@node Table of contents,Indices and tables,Top,Top
@anchor{index indium}@anchor{1}@anchor{index table-of-contents}@anchor{2}
@anchor{index table-of-contents}@anchor{1}@anchor{index indium}@anchor{2}
@chapter Table of contents
@ -191,6 +191,9 @@ Indium supports @code{Emacs 25.3+}, works with @code{Chrome} (debugging protocol
@code{v1.2}, see @ref{5,,Chrome/Chromium requirements}) and @code{NodeJS}, see
@ref{6,,NodeJS requirements}.
Indium works with both @code{js-mode} an @code{js2-mode}, and supports the EcmaScript
features of the runtime it connects to.
Indium is availabe on MELPA@footnote{}, MELPA Stable@footnote{https://stable.melpa/org}.
@ -273,7 +276,7 @@ Add the following to your Emacs configuration:
@end menu
@node Project configuration,General configuration,,Getting up and running
@anchor{setup configuration-file}@anchor{e}@anchor{setup project-configuration}@anchor{f}
@anchor{setup project-configuration}@anchor{e}@anchor{setup configuration-file}@anchor{f}
@subsection Project configuration
@ -324,7 +327,7 @@ Custom sourcemap path overrides can be set with @code{sourceMapPathOverrides}, s
@ref{14,,Using sourcemaps} for mode information on sourcemaps and debugging.
@node Chrome/Chromium configuration options,NodeJS configuration options,General configuration,Getting up and running
@anchor{setup chrome-chromium-configuration-options}@anchor{15}@anchor{setup chrome-configuration}@anchor{11}
@anchor{setup chrome-configuration}@anchor{11}@anchor{setup chrome-chromium-configuration-options}@anchor{15}
@subsection Chrome/Chromium configuration options
@ -440,7 +443,7 @@ If you install NodeJS using @code{nvm}, chances are that Emacs won’t have it i
@code{exec path}. A simple solution is to use the excellent exec-path-from-shell@footnote{} package.
@node Chrome/Chromium requirements,,NodeJS requirements,Getting up and running
@anchor{setup chrome-chromium-requirements}@anchor{1a}@anchor{setup chrome-requirements}@anchor{5}
@anchor{setup chrome-requirements}@anchor{5}@anchor{setup chrome-chromium-requirements}@anchor{1a}
@subsection Chrome/Chromium requirements
@ -463,7 +466,7 @@ running, otherwise Chrome will simply open a new tab on the existing Chrome
instance, and the @code{remote-debugging-port} will not be set.
@node The REPL,Interaction in JS buffers,Getting up and running,Table of contents
@anchor{repl the-repl}@anchor{1b}@anchor{repl repl}@anchor{1c}@anchor{repl doc}@anchor{1d}
@anchor{repl repl}@anchor{1b}@anchor{repl the-repl}@anchor{1c}@anchor{repl doc}@anchor{1d}
@section The REPL
@ -614,7 +617,7 @@ the current stack frame, and will be able to access local variables from the
stack, etc.
@node Interaction in JS buffers,The stepping debugger,The REPL,Table of contents
@anchor{code-evaluation interaction}@anchor{24}@anchor{code-evaluation doc}@anchor{25}@anchor{code-evaluation interaction-in-js-buffers}@anchor{26}
@anchor{code-evaluation interaction-in-js-buffers}@anchor{24}@anchor{code-evaluation doc}@anchor{25}@anchor{code-evaluation interaction}@anchor{26}
@section Interaction in JS buffers
@ -673,7 +676,7 @@ Here’s a list of available keybindings:
Press @code{C-c C-z} from any buffer with @code{indium-interaction-mode} turned on to
switch back to the REPL buffer (see @ref{1c,,The REPL}).
switch back to the REPL buffer (see @ref{1b,,The REPL}).
@node Adding and removing breakpoints,,Switching to the REPL buffer,Interaction in JS buffers
@anchor{code-evaluation adding-and-removing-breakpoints}@anchor{29}
@ -729,7 +732,7 @@ connection is made Indium will attempt to add back all breakpoints.
@end cartouche
@node The stepping debugger,The inspector,Interaction in JS buffers,Table of contents
@anchor{debugger doc}@anchor{2b}@anchor{debugger debugger}@anchor{2a}@anchor{debugger the-stepping-debugger}@anchor{2c}
@anchor{debugger debugger}@anchor{2a}@anchor{debugger doc}@anchor{2b}@anchor{debugger the-stepping-debugger}@anchor{2c}
@section The stepping debugger
@ -765,7 +768,7 @@ source-mapped. This can happen for instance when using Webpack.
@end menu
@node Overriding sourcemap paths,,,Using sourcemaps
@anchor{debugger overriding-sourcemap-paths}@anchor{2e}@anchor{debugger webpack}@anchor{2f}
@anchor{debugger webpack}@anchor{2e}@anchor{debugger overriding-sourcemap-paths}@anchor{2f}
@subsubsection Overriding sourcemap paths
@ -805,13 +808,13 @@ expression of script paths to blackbox when debugging.
Blackboxed scripts are skipped when stepping in the debugger.
@node The inspector,Troublehooting,The stepping debugger,Table of contents
@anchor{inspector the-inspector}@anchor{31}@anchor{inspector doc}@anchor{32}@anchor{inspector inspector}@anchor{1f}
@anchor{inspector the-inspector}@anchor{31}@anchor{inspector inspector}@anchor{1f}@anchor{inspector doc}@anchor{32}
@section The inspector
Indium features an object inspector that can be open on any object reference
from a REPL buffer (see @ref{1c,,The REPL}), the debugger (see @ref{2a,,The stepping debugger}), or
the result of any evaluation of JavaScript code (see @ref{24,,Interaction in JS buffers}).
from a REPL buffer (see @ref{1b,,The REPL}), the debugger (see @ref{2a,,The stepping debugger}), or
the result of any evaluation of JavaScript code (see @ref{26,,Interaction in JS buffers}).
To inspect the result of the evaluation of an expression, press @code{C-c M-i}. An
inspector buffer will pop up. You can also press @code{RET} or left click on

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@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ Indium supports ``Emacs 25.3+``, works with ``Chrome`` (debugging protocol
``v1.2``, see :ref:`chrome_requirements`) and ``NodeJS``, see
Indium works with both ``js-mode`` an ``js2-mode``, and supports the EcmaScript
features of the runtime it connects to.
Indium is availabe on `MELPA <>`_, `MELPA Stable