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New command `indium-eval-region`

* indium-interaction.el (indium-eval-region): New function.
* doc/Indium.texi:
* sphinx-doc/code-evaluation.rst: Add documentation for `indium-eval-region`.
Nicolas Petton 3 years ago
Signed by: nico GPG Key ID: 233587A47C207910
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doc/Indium.texi View File

@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
Indium 1.0.0, Oct 23, 2017
Indium 1.0.0, Oct 27, 2017
Nicolas Petton
@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ Add the following to your Emacs configuration:
@end example
@node Getting up and running,The REPL,Installation,Table of contents
@anchor{setup up-and-running}@anchor{7}@anchor{setup doc}@anchor{8}@anchor{setup getting-up-and-running}@anchor{9}
@anchor{setup doc}@anchor{7}@anchor{setup up-and-running}@anchor{8}@anchor{setup getting-up-and-running}@anchor{9}
@section Getting up and running
@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ Connecting Indium to the node process will open a debugger on the first line of
the application code if you passed the CLI argument @code{--debug-brk}.
@node Chrome/Chromium,Using local files when debugging,NodeJS,Getting up and running
@anchor{setup chrome-chromium}@anchor{f}@anchor{setup chrome}@anchor{10}
@anchor{setup chrome}@anchor{f}@anchor{setup chrome-chromium}@anchor{10}
@subsection Chrome/Chromium
@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ M-x indium-connect-to-chrome
@end example
@node Using local files when debugging,,Chrome/Chromium,Getting up and running
@anchor{setup local-files}@anchor{11}@anchor{setup using-local-files-when-debugging}@anchor{12}
@anchor{setup using-local-files-when-debugging}@anchor{11}@anchor{setup local-files}@anchor{12}
@subsection Using local files when debugging
@ -435,7 +435,7 @@ directory!
A REPL (Read Eval Print Loop) buffer is automatically open when a new Indium
connection is made (see @ref{7,,Getting up and running}).
connection is made (see @ref{8,,Getting up and running}).
@ -618,6 +618,9 @@ Here's a list of available keybindings:
@code{M-x indium-eval-buffer}: Evaluate the entire buffer.
@code{M-x indium-eval-region}: Evaluate the current region.
@end itemize
@node Switching to the REPL buffer,Adding and removing breakpoints,Evaluating and inspecting,Interaction in JS buffers
@ -634,7 +637,7 @@ switch back to the REPL buffer (see @ref{15,,The REPL}).
You need to first make sure that Indium is set up correctly to use local files
(see @ref{11,,Using local files when debugging}).
(see @ref{12,,Using local files when debugging}).
@itemize -
@ -694,7 +697,7 @@ This feature currently in only available for Chrome & Chromium.
@end cartouche
To enable live updates, make sure Indium is set up to use local files (see
@ref{11,,Using local files when debugging}).
@ref{12,,Using local files when debugging}).
@itemize -
@ -723,7 +726,7 @@ window.addEventListener("patch", (event) => @{
@end example
@node The stepping debugger,The inspector,Interaction in JS buffers,Table of contents
@anchor{debugger doc}@anchor{25}@anchor{debugger the-stepping-debugger}@anchor{26}@anchor{debugger debugger}@anchor{22}
@anchor{debugger doc}@anchor{25}@anchor{debugger debugger}@anchor{22}@anchor{debugger the-stepping-debugger}@anchor{26}
@section The stepping debugger
@ -740,7 +743,7 @@ window.addEventListener("patch", (event) => @{
Since version 0.7, Indium uses sourcemap files by default.
For sourcemaps to work properly with Chrome/Chromium, make sure that a
workspace is correctly set (see @ref{11,,Using local files when debugging}).
workspace is correctly set (see @ref{12,,Using local files when debugging}).
If you wish to disable sourcemaps when debugging, set @code{indium-script-enable-sourcemaps} to @code{nil}.
@ -832,7 +835,7 @@ Jump to the previous object in the inspector
@node Network,Listing parsed scripts,The inspector,Table of contents
@anchor{network doc}@anchor{2b}@anchor{network id1}@anchor{2c}@anchor{network network}@anchor{2d}
@anchor{network id1}@anchor{2b}@anchor{network doc}@anchor{2c}@anchor{network network}@anchor{2d}
@section Network
@ -852,13 +855,13 @@ You can make the cache setting permament by setting @cite{indium-v8-cache-disabl
@end example
@node Listing parsed scripts,,Network,Table of contents
@anchor{listing-scripts listing-parsed-scripts}@anchor{2e}@anchor{listing-scripts doc}@anchor{2f}@anchor{listing-scripts listing-scripts}@anchor{30}
@anchor{listing-scripts doc}@anchor{2e}@anchor{listing-scripts listing-scripts}@anchor{2f}@anchor{listing-scripts listing-parsed-scripts}@anchor{30}
@section Listing parsed scripts
Indium includes the command @code{indium-list-scripts} to list all JavaScript
scripts parsed by the runtime. When using a workspace, local file can be
visited from entries in the list (see @ref{11,,Using local files when debugging}).
visited from entries in the list (see @ref{12,,Using local files when debugging}).
* Using the listing buffer::

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indium-interaction.el View File

@ -60,6 +60,11 @@ evaluated."
(indium-eval (buffer-string)))
(defun indium-eval-region (start end)
"Evaluate the region between START and END."
(interactive "r")
(indium-eval (buffer-substring-no-properties start end)))
(defun indium-eval-last-node (arg)
"Evaluate the node before point; print in the echo area.
This is similar to `eval-last-sexp', but for JavaScript buffers.

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sphinx-doc/code-evaluation.rst View File

@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ Here's a list of available keybindings:
- ``C-c M-:``: Prompt for an expression to evaluate and inspect.
- ``M-x indium-eval-buffer``: Evaluate the entire buffer.
- ``M-x indium-eval-region``: Evaluate the current region.
Switching to the REPL buffer