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_**J**avaScript **A**wesome **D**evelopment **E**nvironment (in Emacs)_
Jade connects to a browser tab or nodejs process and provides many features for
JavaScript development, including:
@ -69,6 +71,55 @@ and `PATH` are taken from the `ws` parameter of the above URL.
Connecting Jade to the node process will open a debugger on the first line of the application code.
### Debugging local files
Jade is able to use local files when debugging. Once set up, breakpoints can
also be added/remove from local files.
How to enable it:
- NodeJS: Nothing to do, it just works
- Chrome (`file://` protocol): Nothing to do, it just works
- Chrome (`http://`/`https://` protocol): Place a `.jade` file in the root of
the web directory where JavaScript files will be served to setup a workspace.
#### Setting up a workspace
When files are served using the `http://` protocol, Jade will try to find
local file by looking up a `.jade` file in the project.
##### Starting the connection when using a .jade file
When using a `.jade` file, make sure to start the connection using
`jade-connect-to-chrome` from the same directory (or a subdirectory).
##### Example configuration
With the following directory structure:
project/ (current directory)
For the following URL "http://localhost:3000/js/app.js"
`jade-workspace-lookup-file` will return "./www/js/app.js".
#### Adding/removing breakpoints
- `C-c b b`: Toggle a breakpoint
- `C-u C-c b b`: Toggle a breakpoint with condition
- `C-c b K`: Remove all breakpoints from the current buffer
Note: Breakpoints are persistent: if the connection is closed, when a new
connection is made Jade will attempt to add back all breakpoints.
### JavaScript evaluation in JS buffers
Add the following to enable evaluation in all JS buffers:
@ -85,7 +136,7 @@ The entire buffer can also be executed with `jade-eval-buffer`.
Jade is young, here's a list of missing/wanted features
- ~~Code evaluation using `C-x C-e` from project JS buffers~~
- Adding breakpoints (to remove the need for `debugger` statements)
- ~~Adding breakpoints (to remove the need for `debugger` statements)~~
- Network inspector (could get inspiration from restclient.el)
- DOM inspector
- Start processes (~~chromium~~, node, grunt, gulp, etc.) from Emacs and attach a

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