673 Commits (fd5de13204b3b5f0d2a598fbe74c5a6ac13125bd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nicolas Petton fd5de13204
Release v2.1.1 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton a24b6a7637
Fix adding/removing breakpoints when the client is not connected 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6f9a59a098
Release v2.1.0 3 years ago
  Arthur A. Gleckler 2d216a2fb0 Add <scriptPathOverrides> feature. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 63309b28a4
Fix removing unresolved breakpoints 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton a904caf6a2
Release v2.0.0 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 9561ff7034
Update the documentation regarding supported modes 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton b2ab7543b1
Fix for jsx and other js2 derived modes. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 09fbc2b082
Fix #178 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou f0e21363d8 Fix indium-inspector-previous-reference so it works on 1st reference 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 625945483d
Start Chrome with a temp profile by default 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 943258903b
Fix #139 Use a header when debugging 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton b7231ee11f
Release the server component v3.3.4 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 128b160d65
Print the result of all evaluations in the echo area 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 44bb3d9636
Fix the sorting object properties in the inspector 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 2cf45b90ca
Release v3.3.3 of the server component 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton e620565925
* server/adapters/cdp/index.js: Accept a frame id for completion 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 3cc29fa143
Send the current stack frame when requesting completion 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton de00be38a8
Release v3.3.2 of the server component 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 42cf3f1bda
Fix #185 Set breakpoints location to the correct column 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou 042a47aa63
Bump indium server to 3.3.1 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou 75a708e90f
Fix jumping to a location in debugger 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou 0133ac9a2d Bump indium server to 3.3.0 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou 5ef09dfe96 Make it possible to evaluate an expression in a non-top call frame 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou a693978f32 * server/README.md: Describe the `paused` notification 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou e10b13d16f Make server send the id along with each call frame 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou 21e9f4dbee * indium-debugger.el: Remove unused dependency toward repl 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 9ee5a89617
Bump indium server to 3.2.0 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton e9d5fe4c6c
Fix #173 Update Webpack default sourcemap path override 4 years ago
  Juergen Hoetzel c7a2af35cb Fix invalid default value in documentation 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 4335ae59a7
Release v3.1.1 of the server component 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 46ce30b76d
Fix #172 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton d44cde4d45
Release v3.1.0 of the server component 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 7593f25963
Fix #169: Handle Set and Map previews 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f19ea56a38
Do not log when a breakpoint cannot be resolved 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton d308757bbf
Be more verbose about breakpoint resolution 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton db2d383593
Convert Windows file paths before sending them to the server 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton eee4db88ab
Add regression tests for GH issue #166 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton cd6b750046
Do not silence JSON reading error 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 4039a4b197
Fix a link in the documentation 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 5c804509b7
Mention issue #165 in the troubleshooting section 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 8a9a2bb6d4
Fix #164 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 8cf621838e
Bump Indium server version number 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton bd00b3c47f
Fix resolveUrl on Windows 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 4fa5bb0f4c
Always resolve sourcemap source locations 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 7f0055a001
Add missing dependency on js2-refactor 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou e432ae95dd Make it possible to use the indium server in the client's directory 4 years ago
  Damien Cassou 4aa48a3124 Make indium-client-executable a defcustom 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 23a407f177
Fix issue #163 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 70041e5525
Fix the indium process output handler 4 years ago