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.. _debugger:
The stepping debugger
.. _sourcemaps:
Using sourcemaps
Since version 0.7, Indium uses sourcemap files by default.
For sourcemaps to work properly with Chrome/Chromium, make sure that a
workspace is correctly set (see :ref:`setup`).
.. Warning:: If your project uses sourcemaps, we advise you to use ``js-mode``
with ``js2-minor-mode`` instead of ``js2-mode``. ``js2-mode`` can
be extremely slow at parsing large files (like compiled JavaScript
files) that the debugger might open if a stack frame source is not
source-mapped. This can happen for instance when using Webpack.
.. _webpack:
Overriding sourcemap paths
Some sourcemaps cannot be used as is and need path rewriting to map to locations on disks.
Indium provides the configuration option ``sourceMapPathOverrides`` for
providing custom sourcemap paths.
The default mapping works well for Webpack projects::
"webpack:///./~/": "${root}/node_modules/",
"webpack:///./": "${root}/",
"webpack:///": "/",
"webpack:///src/": "${root}/"
Overriding the ``sourceMapPathOverrides`` option will erase the default mapping.
.. TIP:: If sourcemaps do not seem to work, you can see how Indium resolves
sourcemap paths using ``M-x indium-list-sourcemap-sources``.
Blackboxing scripts
The custom variable ``indium-debugger-blackbox-regexps`` holds a list of regular
expression of script paths to blackbox when debugging.
Blackboxed scripts are skipped when stepping in the debugger.