A simple TiddlyWiki plugin for managing projects & todo lists, inspired by tools such as Todoist and Basecamp.
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Projectify is a project management app for TiddlyWiki, inspired by products like Todoist and Basecamp.

TiddlyWiki is an excellent note-taking & knowledge-base app with unique features. Projectify brings project management to TiddlyWiki, extending it to let you capture thoughts, plan projects and schedule tasks.

Projectify is carefully crafted, with an intuitive interface that integrates seamlessy with the core of TiddlyWiki. Drag and drop any tiddler into a project to add it as a todo, transclude and link other tiddlers into projects or tasks.

For all changes in the latest 0.12.0 release, see ChangeLog.


A demo is available at projectify.wiki.

Getting started

Download a pre-configured empty wiki:

Get Projectify

Alternatively, see Installation for installation instructions in an existing wiki.


  • If you are new to TiddlyWiki, we strongly encourage you to read the Getting started documentation.
  • The Projectify documentation is available online as well as locally when the plugin is installed.

Language packs

Projectify is currently available in English, Dutch, French & Simplified Chinese.


Many thanks to the following contributors: