A simple TiddlyWiki plugin for managing projects & todo lists, inspired by tools such as Todoist and Basecamp.
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created: 20201228014905847
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tags: [[Projectify documentation]]
title: $:/plugins/nico/projectify/doc/DashboardCustomTabs
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Any tiddler with the tag <<tag $:/plugins/nico/projectify/tags/dashboard>> will
be displayed as a tab in the dashboard.
!! Listing high priority todos in the dashboard
The example below demonstrate how to add a tab to the
[[Dashboard|$:/plugins/nico/projectify/doc/Dashboard]] to list all
[[Todos|$:/plugins/nico/projectify/doc/Todos]] marked as high-priority. Save a
new tiddler with the content below, set its `caption` field to `High Priority`
and add the tag <<tag $:/plugins/nico/projectify/tags/dashboard>>.
!! High priority todos
You can also [[display the Inbox in a separate tab|$:/plugins/nico/projectify/doc/DashboardInboxSeparateTab]].