367 Commits (master)

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  Nicolas Petton 36533722c8
Update host names 2 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 23e996da0d
custom.el update 8 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 7a3d857be4
Add prodigy 8 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 0c79f9064d
Update hosts 8 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 64cdf6b1ef
Auto format nix files 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 5d1532e60e
Rename machines 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 2009997559
Remove org-drill 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton deb9e8b6ba
nov.el tweaks 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 91b3035b4f
Add notmuch search 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton c76248054b
Add missing packages 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 3a5dc37244
Local fix for company-tern recipe 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton d94cab5ad7
Fix quelpa bootstrap 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 030b262d62
Update gitignore 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 5990afce0f
Add rpi4 host 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 565a29c510
Add nixos-options and direnv 9 months ago
  Nicolas Petton f16cfda337
Fix notmuch setup 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 0b0b391871
Add missing packages 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton d991d8085e
Add missing packages 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 9dcfb164b0
Update custom.el 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton c4bf429eb0
New sshuttle helper function 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 689b86eaa1
Add new package configurations 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 615e6c7453
Use python2 explicitly to start prodigy HTTP servers 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 85f91c7d75
Fix org caldav settings 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 2bc5a867cd
Tweak email settings 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 916d4c678e
Fix some recipes 10 months ago
  Nicolas Petton 3945786c31
Remove commented code 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton 8e5b92a0bf
Finally add some email signatures 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton d11463d584
* hosts/blueberry/init-org.el: Update 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton c911c5af7a
Use a custom header in email to bypass encryption 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton b109a45337
Use swiper-isearch 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton 6ac877d87b
Do not use tabs in elisp files 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton d59d369c43
Update custom.el 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton 095ca7c949
Setup packages for go 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton 6cf01904c6
Set quelpa-upgrade-p to nil 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton b9f4f6b437
Update budget workflow 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f23c38cc08
Sync contacts after editing with khardel 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton ccbe0906d2
Update notmuch settings 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f7a077c746
Update ledger reports 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 988192750d
Update yas compiled snippets 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton be485cef27
New recipe for Indium 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 7dffa04db8
Cleanup init.el 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 21e927c300
Snippets update 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6ec64d3fbf
Add zoom-frms package 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 4f6310cca5
Fix the emacs-js recipe 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6b15a479b9
Install some other missing packages 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 53da7d04b4
Set the indium executable 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton a9dddfaf66
Add missing JS packages 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton ce4ece8170
Use the default executable for notmuch 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 80e79e84e2
Cleanup eshell-visual-commands 2 years ago
  Nicolas Petton c973eb28fe
Add Indium package 2 years ago