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(require 'bookmark)
(defun pcomplete/eshell-mode/jump ()
"Completion for `jump'"
(pcomplete-here (bookmark-all-names)))
(defun eshell/jump (&rest args)
"Integration between EShell and bookmarks.
For usage, execute without arguments."
(setq args (eshell-flatten-list args))
(let ((bookmark (car args))
filename name)
(if (eq nil args)
;; Check whether an existing bookmark has been specified
(if (setq filename (cdr (car (bookmark-get-bookmark-record bookmark))))
;; If it points to a directory, change to it.
(if (file-directory-p filename)
(eshell/cd filename)
;; otherwise, just jump to the bookmark
(bookmark-jump bookmark))
(error "%s is not a bookmark" bookmark)))))
(defun eshell/jump-usage ()
(format "Usage:
either change directory pointed to by BOOKMARK
or bookmark-jump to the BOOKMARK if it is not a directory.
Use bmk BOOKMARK to add bookmarks.
Completion is available."))
(defun eshell/bmk (&rest args)
(if (setq name (car args))
(bookmark-set name)
(bookmark-set-filename name (eshell/pwd))
(format "Saved current directory in bookmark as '%s'" name))
(error "You must enter a bookmark name")))
(provide 'eshellbmk)