My Emacs settings
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Nicolas Petton c4bf429eb0
New sshuttle helper function
1 year ago
bin Various minor improvements 4 years ago
etc Fix some recipes 1 year ago
hosts Use python2 explicitly to start prodigy HTTP servers 1 year ago
local New sshuttle helper function 1 year ago
var Add more eshell aliases 4 years ago
.gitignore Cleanup the hosts/ directory 4 years ago
.mc-lists.el Migrate to borg 4 years ago
.pass-secrets-sync.el Add skeletor and pass-secret drones 4 years ago
Makefile Fix the Makefile 4 years ago Fix the readme 4 years ago
custom.el Finally add some email signatures 2 years ago
init.el Add new package configurations 1 year ago

My Emacs config