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  Nicolas Petton 877990e956 Merge pull request #5 from arnested/dynamic-gulp-binary 4 years ago
  Arne Jørgensen f5139206a0
Lookup gulp binary in current buffer 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f13da9e619
use markdown for the readme 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 8dd9f255c0
Update readme 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton cb2cb1b02b Merge pull request #4 from DamienCassou/gulp-proposes-gulpfiles 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou d7ba29cfea
Now asks for a gulpfile if not in a gulp project 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 3578379261 Merge pull request #3 from DamienCassou/refactor-cache 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 28ba392fbd
Missing use of gulp--add-to-cache 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 72ac9e8b2e Merge pull request #2 from DamienCassou/add-cache 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 2e09e0f9d2
Add a cache mechanism to gulp 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 8f5c52a718
Use compilation-start instead of compile 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 9c0cbae3e2
Simplify `gulp-get-tasks` 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton ba10fe2d32
Add missing autoload cookie 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton a74f6a3cc2
Add screenshots to the readme 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 9c8abc1094
Initial commit 5 years ago