45 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nicolas Petton 35e3f86e96
Release v2.0 1 year ago
  Tino Calancha 10a3f89c4a Support extraction of fields other than password 1 year ago
  galaunay efab89cfe1 Use right store dir to ensure `pass-view-mode` activate 1 year ago
  Tino Calancha ab6a668cee Use password-store-list to retrieve pass entries 1 year ago
  Tino Calancha bc5bd31f1a Add feature to jump between entries 1 year ago
  Tino Calancha e8d9beed47 Do not create entries for Emacs backup files 1 year ago
  Nicolas Petton cd79375005
Fix #26 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 60b260edeb
Display confirmation message after copying password to the kill ring 2 years ago
  Jeremy Dormitzer ec2df2a532
Derive pass-mode from fundamental-mode 2 years ago
  Damien Cassou 0f4ff034fb Make imenu display full entry name instead of just filename 3 years ago
  Daniel Barreto d6a42d2786 Bump version 3 years ago
  Daniel Barreto da07d37259 Add OTP management feature 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f811120c33 Fix pass-view to work with the latest version of password-store 3 years ago
  Damien Cassou eae9752d04
Only use the major mode for gnupg files 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 358070a74f
Add an custom var to hide/show keybindings 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 2bc7864961
Use substitute-command-keys to print keybindings 3 years ago
  Ruediger Fortanier 4dc3397caa add keymap help to main buffer 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 42bfe9f471
Improve font locking of pass keywords 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton dee87ba0b7
Add pass-insert-multiline 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 22b324bf71 Fix #15 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 888bd9593f
Fix #14 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 2ccf4f68fa
1.7 release 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 8a272d879e
Fix pass--tree 3 years ago
  Juergen Hoetzel dd487a0e22 Fix invalid function definition 3 years ago
  Nicolas Petton b4c3bd9130 Add support for Imenu 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton d89a0f82b9
fix pass--with-closest-entry macro 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6093fb0a07 Ask the user about killing entry before before closing the store 4 years ago
  Marco Wahl ea6c11b4bd Amend docstring for pass-copy 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 6e5f557f34
Display a help message about how to display passwords 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 5507f9a3f4
Kill all entry buffers when closing the store 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton bfef1902be
Add font-lock support to pass-view-mode 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 525aa4be01
Refactor the definition of pass-mode 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 112f7f84b2
Add a major mode for viewing entries 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 2e1b08e7e4 Fix #1 4 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f43f6ada15 Define macros early 5 years ago
  Eike Kettner 50df866b7b set default-directory to password-store directory 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 93d99883a9 Define the macros earlier. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 0a276ff203 1.0 release 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou c2718024e0 Move pass--with-writable-buffer above its use 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton f5b8087be5 Fix issue #3 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 159b644c04 * pass.el (pass--with-writable-buffer): Simplify the macro. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 77493960d1 Rename the project to `pass` 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 7d4203398b * pass-mode.el: Add entry renaming 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton a3ec044b7f * pass-mode.el: Minor cleanup 5 years ago
  Syohei YOSHIDA 57563cb815 Remove meaningless code 5 years ago
  Nicolas Petton 0e0760d358 * pass-mode.el : Add Damien Cassou to the authors. 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 34bccb205a Don't display .git 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 10db7a9de3 The `pass` function should autoload 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 5f8a724f8c pass-mode should not be interactive 5 years ago
  Damien Cassou 2df8ca6427 Reindent and ignore unused variable 5 years ago