A major mode for password-store
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A major-mode to manage your password-store (pass) keychain. The keychian entries are displayed in a directory-like structure.


Use melpa.

Getting started

This library depends on password-store.el.

M-x pass

The following keybindings are available:

  • i: Insert a new entry (With a prefix argument, generate the password)
  • n: Go to the next entry
  • p: Go to the previous entry
  • M-n: Go to the next directory
  • M-p: Go to the previous directory
  • k: Remove the entry at point
  • s: Trigger iSearch
  • r: Trigger iSearch (backward)
  • ?: Help
  • g: Update the password-store buffer
  • RET or v: Go to the entry at point
  • q: Quit pass


Yes, please do! See CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.


See LICENSE. Copyright (c) 2015 Nicolas Petton & Damien Cassou.