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- Emacs 25.1
- `ag` (the [silver searcher](
- or `rg` ([ripgrep](
- js2-mode

## Installation

If you use `js2-mode`, `M-.` will be bound by `js2`, you might want to unbind it:

(define-key js2-mode-map (kbd "M-.") nil)

Then you need to add the xref backend:

(add-hook 'js2-mode-hook (lambda ()
(add-hook 'xref-backend-functions #'xref-js2-xref-backend nil t)))

## Customisations
By default, `xref-js2` will use `ag` for search operations, to switch to using `rg` put the following into your config file and ensure the ripgrep executeable is visible from your **PATH** environment variable:

(setq xref-js2-search-program 'rg)

If you have issues with `xref-js2` using `rg` not searching certain files, ensure the extension of those files is included in `xref-js2-js-extensions`.

You can further customize the execution of `ag` or `rg` by `xref-js2` by changing `xref-js2-ag-arguments` & `xref-js2-rg-arguments` respectively. Though take care when doing so, many of these are used to produce an output which `xref-js2` can understand.

## Keybindings

`xref-js2` uses the `xref`, so the same keybindings and UI as other xref backends is used: