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Zerodark Emacs theme MEPLA

A dark theme for Emacs, inspired from Niflheim and One Dark





Screenshot Magit Screenshot Diff

Emails (notmuch)

Screenshot Notmuch Screenshot Notmuch

High contrast mode-line

The mode-line can use more contrasted colors, with zerodark-use-high-contrast-in-mode-line:

Screenshot mode-line

Mode-line format (optional)

When zerodark-use-zerodark-mode-line-format is non-nil (the default), a custom mode-line-format is used:

Screenshot mode-line-format


The custom mode line provided with zerodark-theme uses the all-the-icons package. The package itself is installed along with zerodark-theme.

However, it is necessary to install the fonts in the fonts directory included in all-the-icons repository as explained in its README:

in order for the icons to work you will need to install the Resource Fonts included in this package, they are available in the fonts directory.

Installation (with MELPA)

M-x package-install RET zerodark-theme

Copyright 2015-2016 (C) Nicolas Petton