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Zerodark Emacs theme MELPAGratipay Team


A dark theme for Emacs, inspired from Niflheim and One Dark

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Screenshot Magit

Mode-line format (optional)

Evaluate zerodark-setup-modeline-format to enable the custom mode-line-format:

Screenshot mode-line-format 1 Screenshot mode-line-format 2


The custom mode line provided with zerodark-theme uses the all-the-icons package. The package itself is installed along with zerodark-theme.

However, it is necessary to install the fonts in the fonts directory included in all-the-icons repository as explained in its README:

in order for the icons to work you will need to install the Resource Fonts included in this package, they are available in the fonts directory.

Supported packages

Zerodark supports for many packages, including the following:

  • ace-window
  • anzu
  • avy
  • clojure-mode
  • company-mode
  • diff-hl
  • ediff
  • elfeed
  • erc
  • eshell
  • flycheck
  • helm
  • hydra
  • ido
  • ivy
  • jabber.el
  • js2-mode
  • ledger
  • linum
  • magit
  • markup-face
  • notmuch
  • orgmode
  • powerline
  • show-paren
  • visible-mark
  • web-mode
  • wgrep
  • whitespace-mode

Installation (with MELPA)

M-x package-install RET zerodark-theme


Add the following to you init.el:

(load-theme 'zerodark t)
;; Optionally setup the modeline

Or execute M-x load-theme RET zerodark RET.

Copyright 2015-2018 (C) Nicolas Petton