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You have to install both the Firefox add-on and native application.

This add-on needs a password store (i.e., a ~/.password-store directory with *.gpg files in it) as defined by passwordstore.org but the pass shell script is not needed.


Fetch this repository and its submodules:

$ git submodule update --init

Install the Firefox add-on

Install the add-on through Firefox add-ons website.

Install the native application

The native application is implemented in NodeJS, so, install NodeJS (>= 8) first. Then, type:

$ cd app
$ npm install
$ node install.js

Use the Firefox add-on

NOTE: Make sure that gpg-agent has your passphrase in its cache because Firefox won't let gpg-agent ask for the passphrase. This is a known bug and browserpass has the same problem. I'm working on fixing it with the help of both the mozilla's dev-addons mailing list and gnupg-users mailing list.

In Firefox, go to your favorite website and click the cat footprint icon in the toolbar.