Access and present the content of your password store (pass) as a web-browser add-on (using WebExtensions API).
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This repository contains the code for the passwe add-on. The add-on depends on a native application that is hosted in its own repository.


You have to install both the Firefox add-on and native application. The add-on can be installed either through the Firefox add-on manager or by cloning this repository. The native application must be installed separately (read the instructions in the dedicated repository).

This add-on needs a password store (i.e., a $HOME/.password-store/ directory with *.gpg files in it) as defined by but the pass shell script is not needed.


Installation through the Firefox add-on manager

The easiest way to install this add-on is through the Firefox add-on manager. Going there will let you install a version of the add-on that has been certified by the Firefox add-on community. This is quick and easy. If you go that route, you can stop reading now, but don't forget you have to install the native application too.

If you want the bleeding-edge version of the add-on, prefer installing through the repository and keep reading.

Installation through the repository

If you don't want to use the Firefox add-on manager, clone this repository and go to its directory

Installing the add-on should be done following one of the two methods below.

To install through a passwe.xpi file, execute this:

$ make firefox-install

This first method is the recommended one for users who want the latest and greatest.

The second method is best-suited to contributors of the project as it allows running the add-on in a sandbox that is automatically reloaded when any file of the repository is changed:

  $ make firefox-debug

This opens a temporary profile in a new Firefox with the current code of the add-on. Now, you can modify the code and, when you want to test the new code, execute this:

  $ make firefox-build

This builds the add-on which automatically refreshes the currently opened Firefox.

You should now have a new icon in your browser tool bar.


Read troubleshooting notes in the native application's README file.


Passwe is licensed under the MIT License. Its icon, created by Nicolas Petton, is licensed under CC-BY-2.0.