Native application to handle pass requests from the add-on.
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This repository contains the native application for the passwe add-on. This native application is mandatory for the add-on to work.


To use passwe in your browser, you have to install both the browser add-on (either through Firefox add-on manager or by cloning its repository) and the native application hosted here (continue reading).

This application needs a password store (i.e., a $HOME/.password-store/ directory with *.gpg files in it) as defined by but the pass shell script is not needed.

This repository has some dependencies which need to be installed and your web browser should be informed about the native application. Both can be done as follows:

$ make install
Enter which browser you would like to set up the host for:
[firefox chrome chromium vivaldi]
Created: /home/cassou/Documents/projects/firefox/passwe-app/config/firefox
Created: /home/cassou/Documents/projects/firefox/passwe-app/config/firefox/
Created: /home/cassou/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/fr.petton.passwe.json


  • If you use Firefox and the add-on lists your password-store entries but can't manage to fill forms, make sure that gpg-agent has your passphrase in its cache. This is because Firefox won't let gpg-agent ask for the passphrase. This is a known bug and browserpass has the same problem. I'm working on fixing it with the help of both the Mozilla's dev-addons mailing list and gnupg-users mailing list. To add your passphrase to gpg-agent's cache, just decrypt any file with gnupg (or the pass shell script if you have it).

  • The add-on depends on the gpg2 binary. Please add it to your path.

  • If you have a problem with the add-on, I recommend opening the browser console (menu Tools > Web Developer > Browser console), clearing it (use the trash icon on the top left), and trying again.


Passwe is licensed under the MIT License.