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<body class="flex flex-col min-h-screen">
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<nav class="centered-content flex items-center">
<a href="/@box-shadow/" class="no-underline p-4 font-bold text-xl">🔨 Forgejo</a>
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<a href="" class="button my-2">Shape me on Codeberg</a>
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<h1 class="pt-10 text-6xl">Forgejo</h1>
<h2 class="text-5xl pt-2">Beyond coding. We forge.</h2>
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<a href="./download/" class="button inline-block text-xl mr-2">
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Get forgejo
<a href="./faq/" class="button-outline inline-block text-xl ml-2">FAQ</a>
<a href="./news/" class="button-outline inline-block text-xl ml-2">News</a>
<section class="centered-content py-10 text-lg">
<p class="text-center">
<strong>Forgejo</strong> is a self-hosted lightweight software forge, easy to install and low maintenance that just
does the job. Brought to you by an inclusive community under the umbrella of <a href="">Codeberg e.V.</a> a democratic non-profit organization, Forgejo can be trusted to be exclusively Free Software. It is a "soft" fork
of Gitea with a focus on scaling, federation and privacy.
<h2 class="text-2xl py-4">Get involved</h2>
Forgejo consists of motivated people, and we are looking forward to <a href="">your contribution</a>. Feel free to help in the domains of <a href="">code, federation, releases management</a>, User Research, UX, <a href="">community management</a>,
documentation, web design, <a href="">governance</a> and more.
<footer class="border-t border-gray-200 text-sm text-gray-700">
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<p class="flex-auto">
© 2022 Forgejo authors, content available under <a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>, unless stated otherwise.
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<a href="/@box-shadow/about/">About</a> ·
<a href="/@box-shadow/well-being/">Well being</a> ·
<a href="/@box-shadow/imprint/">Imprint</a> ·
<a href="/@box-shadow/privacy-policy/">Privacy Policy</a>